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Nov 2011

Safari Park Bogor

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Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI) is located in the Village District Cibeureum Cisarua, a recreational vehicle that is quite interesting to visit. Many interesting objects found in the area that collects many different kinds of these animals, among them, safari park, bird park, animal education show, prmates & Reptiles, babby zoo, Ferris wheel, elephant and horse riding, safari tracks, caravans & hotels and wild-wild west.

To probe the latter, is an attractive vehicle for the witness. The show was performed in an arena that gives a chance cowboy, a cowboy with a dazzling attractions. This show can be watched for free every day, for about 15 minutes. In addition to rides, there are other interesting rides again, as in baby zoo, on this vehicle you can take pictures with the white tigers, leopards, orang-utans and others.

TSI has recently launched a probe and a new program, namely Elephant Adventure. The program invites visitors to ride on the backs of elephants around the area of ​​TSI for nearly an hour at a rate of only 50 thousand per person each way. Every elephants accompanied by the handler and can be boarded four adults.




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